Installing Snip on Windows

Follow these easy steps to download the Windows app straight from our website!
1. Click the Windows button to instantly start your download. You will be able to see the download progress at the bottom of your browser window:
1-Click to download
2. Once download is complete, click to open the file.
2-Click to open
3. The Setup Wizard will appear on your screen to take you through the installation. Click Next to begin:
3-Click Next
4. Here you will have the option to add a Snip shortcut to your desktop (recommended for ease of access!). You can also choose to have Snip open with Windows (recommended if you’ll be Snipping on a regular basis).
4-Select options
5. It will take just a few moments for Snip to install. Once complete, click Finish (leave the box checked if you want to start using Snip right away):
5-Finish setup
6. Next, you will see a notification telling you that the app has started running. You can start using the app by clicking the Mathpix icon in your system tray!
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