What is Mathpix Snip?

Snip is a tool for extracting text, and particularly math, from images and documents. This text/LaTeX can then be pasted into a document editing tool such as a LaTeX or Markdown editor.
The goal of Snip is to save you time typing time-consuming LaTeX or data from tables.
It is also useful for note-taking, which can be done by incorporating the mobile and desktop apps into your current workflow or by using Snip web app, which is an online Markdown editor with extended support for LaTeX features.

Snip on desktop

Snip on desktop is especially convenient for extracting information from PDFs and pasting the resulting text into an editor. With a single keyboard shortcut, you can crop an equation or piece of text, and have the text/LaTeX copied to your clipboard.
Desktop apps for each platform (MacOS, Windows, and Linux) can be downloaded from mathpix.com.
Watch a short demo of extracting equations from PDFs with Snip on Youtube.

Snip on mobile

Snip on mobile is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to take pictures with your phone of content in notebooks, textbooks, blackboards, and whiteboards that you want to digitize.
The mobile app syncs images and results with your desktop apps and Snip web app.

Snip Web

Snip is a web editor that provides an HTML-first note taking experience, and provides shareable web links. It is especially suited for:
  • Sharing homework assignments via web links
  • Creating homework answer sets
  • Class notes
  • Blog posts
Users can paste images into the editor, and they will be converted into text / LaTeX. Get started with Snip web app.