Careers at Mathpix

Mathpix provides a culture that rewards hard work, invention, customer obsession, and operational excellence driven by the pleasure of doing things the right way for their own sake, instead of some external reward. Mathpix is remote-first, and we value excellent written communication skills.

All open positions at Mathpix are listed below. To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, portfolio (if applicable), and Github profile (if applicable) to We will accept applications from anywhere in the world.

Senior Front-end Developer (Tech Lead)

We are seeking an experienced front-end developer for a "tech lead" role. This person must be able to write specs and architect our front-end infrastructure. We want someone who knows how to incrementally make codebases and workflows better, instead of trying to re-write everything from scratch (although rewrites have their place!).

Must know Typescript and React and must care about performance and user experience. Must have experience writing technical specs.

Junior Front-end Developer

We are looking for an "up and coming" programmer who wants to write a lot of code, implement lots of features, and learn a ton. The only requirements are knowing how to work hard, a love of learning, and aptitude for software development. Ideal for high school or college students.

Customer Success Manager

We are looking for a highly organized individual with excellent English communication skills who can manage inbound support and sales tickets and make sure defects in the product are resolved. This may involve having calls with a customer to ensure the bug is understood and well documented for our developers.

This person will also be responsible for ensuring that all sales or support tickets that need to be escalated are answered and resolved in a timely manner, in addition to making sure that product documentation on our website is up to date and includes answers to common customer questions.

Must have experience with Zendesk. Must be passionate about management, customer service, organization, and self-improvement.

Product Manager

We are looking for an organized individual with excellent written English communication skills who can manage product roadmap and oversee/facilitate product development. This person will be responsible for prioritizing new features, requests from our community, and bug fixes in the roadmap, organizing and orchestrating product releases, and working with Marketing to communicate product releases to our customers.

Must be passionate about serving the STEM community, and care about good management and product quality. Experience writing specs is required and experience with UX/UI design is preferred.