Snip for Linux

The Linux app can be downloaded from or via your terminal.
Please note that Snip is a system tray app. If your are running GNOME, which does not support the system tray, we recommend downloading this extenstion.
If you are running Wayland, for security reasons it will not allow you to use our app (the screen will turn black when you try to take a screenshot). In this case, we recommened using our web app instead of the native app.

Installing Snip from your Terminal

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Make sure that you have the snap command on your system. If you do not, install snapd on your system.
  3. Once snapd is installed, you can install Snip from the Snap store. Enter this on your command line: sudo snap install mathpix-snipping-tool
  4. Applications on the Snap store update automatically. If you want to update manually, you can use this command: sudo snap refresh mathpix-snipping-tool
  5. If you want to uninstall this app, use this command: sudo snap remove mathpix-snipping-tool
Snapcraft note: The app version on the edge channel is still being tested. You are welcome to download the edge version, but be advised that it could have bugs!