Snip for iOS

Snip for iOS can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The iOS app is supported on iPhone and iPad.


Here you can create Markdown documents with LaTeX support for math and tables. Mathpix Markdown syntax reference can be found here. All your notes sync instantly with our web app.
To create a new Note, go to Notes tab, then tap the “+” button and start typing. You can export your Notes to other formats like DOCX, LaTeX, HTML, PDF, or Overleaf anytime, right on your device:
Create Notes using Mathpix Markdown
You can also share your Notes via a public URL or invite multiple users for collaborative editing:
While writing Notes, you will see a keyboard extension which allows you to insert equations captured with your phone camera, add drawings or images from your device, and quickly create section headers:
Keyboard extension


Uploading a PDF

Navigate to the PDF tab, tap the “+” button and choose Upload, then select the PDF that you want to convert from your files. It is possible to convert entire PDFs or select your desired page range:
PDF page selection

Creating a PDF

On the PDF tab, tap the “+” button and choose Take photos to create handwritten PDFs by scanning your notebook. Image filters are provided to improve PDF contrast. All the PDFs that you upload to Snip can be read, searched, converted to editable documents, and exported to other formats.
Create PDFs from camera scans or upload from your device


Taking a Snip

Go to the Snips tab to convert images. To Snip an equation, piece of text, or table, choose Take photos. When your camera is launched, crop the box around the content and tap Scan.
Your Snip result appears instantly, and automatically syncs with any other app you are logged into (like the desktop apps). This is especially convenient if you are trying to get handwritten notes into a digital document you are writing on your computer.
Steps for taking a Snip of an equation on iOS

Drawing a Snip

You can also create a Snip by drawing directly on your iPhone screen with your finger or on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.

Draw (full screen)

Go to the Snips tab, then tap the “+” button. Choose the Draw (full screen) option and create a drawing with your finger or stylus. You can draw math, tables, text, and chemistry here. When your drawing is done, tap GO to add the Snip to your repository and convert it:
Steps for drawing a Snip of a chemical diagram on iOS

Draw equation with live preview

To use our digital ink with smart actions, tap Draw small equation (live preview). This mode displays live rendering updates as you draw. You can also strikethrough or scribble to delete your drawing.
Steps for drawing a Snip with live preview
Please note that live drawing sessions last 15 minutes.

Draw images and figures

Another option for drawings - Doodle. Here you can draw things like diagrams, which can be easily inserted into your Markdown notes as images.
Steps for drawing a Snip of an image

Create a Snip from Photos

You can upload an image from your gallery to convert it. Just tap the Upload image option from the Snips tab, then choose a photo from your phone gallery.
Steps for uploading an image to Snip

Add a Snip via sharing menu

It is possible to upload an image to the Snip app directly from your gallery. Tap the Share icon and choose Snip in the sharing menu:
Steps for uploading a Snip via sharing menu

Snip Editing

If your Snip result did not get recognized 100% accurately, you can edit the result to make it perfect.
First, open your Snip and click the Edit button (it looks like a pen). Make any edits then tap Save changes.
Snip Editing Steps

Solver tab

The Solver tab is convenient for computing simple arithmetic, graphing equations, and matrix computations. Here are some examples:
The Solver tab