Snip for iOS

Snip for iOS can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The iOS app is supported on iPhone and iPad.

Taking a Snip

The first thing you will see once you’ve logged into the app is the camera screen. To Snip an equation, piece of text, or table, center the dot on the screen over the desired content and tap the capture button.
Next, crop the box around the content and tap Scan.
Your Snip result appears instantly, and automatically syncs with any other app you are logged into (like the desktop apps). This is especially convenient if you are trying to get handwritten notes into a digital document you are writing on your computer.
Steps for taking a Snip of an equation on iOS

Drawing a Snip

You can also create a Snip by drawing directly on your iPhone screen with your finger or on an iPad with a Pencil. Just go to the camera then swipe left or tap to get to the Draw input.
Next, draw your equation, then tap Scan. In this example, we opened the Solver tab to see a graph of the equation we drew:
Steps for drawing a Snip of an equation on iOS

Create a Snip from your Photos

There are two ways to create a Snip from your Photos. You can upload the image from Photos from inside the app, then crop and Scan:
Steps for uploading an image to Snip and seeing the Search result
In this example, we viewed the Search result to see other web pages that mention this equation.
You can also send the image to Snip from your Photos app or from a screenshot. Note: if you don’t see Snip in your app options, scroll all the way to the right and tap More.
Steps for sending an image from Photos to Snip and seeing the Search result
For screenshots, just tap the share button at the top right of the screenshot editing screen and follow the same steps as above.

OCR tab

The OCR tab of your Snip is where you will find LaTeX and text formats that can be copied to your clipboard, as well as PNGs and image URLs of the original image.
The OCR tab

Search tab

The Search tab allows you to search websites like Wikipedia and Stack Exchange (and Arxiv coming soon) with a math equation as a search term. Here are some examples of results from search:
The Search tab

Solver tab

The Solver tab is convenient for computing simple arithmetic, graphing equations, and matrix computations. Here are some examples:
The Solver tab