Mathpix Snip for Chemists

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The ultimate app for chemistry students and teachers with PDF and image conversion features. Create a searchable collection of research PDFs, collaborate on projects within the app, instantly convert chemistry to SMILES, and more.

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Unlimited Notes

The best note-taking app for STEM community, powered by Mathpix Markdown. We provide unlimited document creation and editing with smart features like autocompletion and easy sharing.

PDF Conversion

PDF Conversion and Search

Instantly convert scientific PDFs to editable and searchable formats like LaTeX, DOCX, HTML, and Markdown. Works for even two-column PDFs with chemical diagrams and equations.

Image conversion

Image to SMILES Conversion

Snip Apps can accurately digitize printed and handwritten images in a split second. Extract chemistry from PDFs using the desktop app, create images from camera scans on mobile, or draw diagrams in-app using our digital ink support.


Digital publishing platform

We provide an online publishing platform for scientific articles, where authors get rewarded for sharing their knowledge. Publish your work to win cash prizes and get a Mathpix Pro subscription.



Work on projects together with your team. Share your documents with others via email or by generating a shareable link to benefit from the real-time seamless collaboration.

Document cloud

Document cloud for research

Private cloud solution for secure and efficient document management. Create, save and access all your documents in one organized place.

Capture and convert

The Snipping Tool saves tons of time when working on scientific articles and homework assignments.

Follow this step-by-step guide and enjoy highly accurate image to structure conversion with instant SMILES extraction.

Features for PDF Management

Smart Search

Use text and math terms to search through your repository.

PDF Search

Export to other formats

Convert once, export as many times as you want.

PDF Export

Convert to Mathpix Markdown

Create editable Notes from PDFs to make changes to your documents.

Create Notes from PDFs

PDF Data Extraction

Copy single and multiple lines directly from source PDFs. Works for math text, tables, and chemistry.

PDF Data Extraction

Special features for mobile and tablet

Save time and effort by avoiding manual typing. Create equations, formulas, and text using Snip on mobile.

  • Convert equations from drawings

    Snip mobile apps work best for drawing equations and images with your finger or stylus. Use the only digital ink with smart actions and advanced math & chemistry support.

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  • Convert chemistry from camera scans

    Take advantage of the integration between your phone's camera and Snip app to instantly convert handwritten and printed content into editable digital format.

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Mathpix OCR

Mathpix provides image recognition for the biggest Edtech companies in the world.

Our image processing APIs are easy to implement and works on all platforms.

API request

{ "src": "", "formats": ["text", "data", "html"], "include_smiles": true }
Example image

API response:

{ "request_id": "2022_04_15_ac551dfa59b247d10e77g", "is_printed": true, "is_handwritten": false, "auto_rotate_confidence": 0.0007489666152160623, "auto_rotate_degrees": 0, "confidence": 1, "confidence_rate": 1, "text": "COCC1=C(C(=O)O)C(c2ccc(F)c(F)c2)N(C(=O)NCCC(=O)O)C(=O)N1", "html": "
\n", "data": [] }
Rendered result

Our partners choose Mathpix over AWS Textract, Google Vision API, and Azure Computer Vision for converting images to SMILES.

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Take a photo of your chemistry notes through the Snip mobile app, sync to desktop, then paste the SMILES into apps like ChemDraw. Search for chemical diagrams.

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