Image to SMILES

Mathpix has image to SMILES converter which supports converting printed and handwritten chemical diagrams into canonical SMILES code.

Works on both printed and handwritten chemical diagrams
Highly accurate image to structure conversion
Perfect compatibility with Snip and ChemDraw

The best image recognition for chemistry

Mathpix is the only image to SMILES converter with high-accuracy OCR features developed specifically for scientific documents like research papers

Chemical Equations

Chemical Equation

Chemical Diagrams

Chemical Diagram

Handwritten Chemistry

Handwritten Chemistry

How to convert images to SMILES

Graphic showing image to SMILES conversion

1. Use Snip to take a screenshot of the image.

2. Check your Snip result and click on the SMILES format to copy to the clipboard.

3. Edit in-app or paste the result into ChemDraw, Snip, Scifinder, or any other chemistry software in your workflow.

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Use our simple online editor to write and publish beautiful scientific documents.

Instantly digitize printed and handwritten chemistry notes into SMILES and paste it to Snip.

Digitize your handwritten notes and create digital chemistry documents
Image to SMILES on mobile and tablet


Mathpix OCR

Mathpix provides image recognition for the biggest Edtech companies in the world.

Our image processing APIs are easy to implement and works on all platforms.

API request

{ "src": "", "formats": ["text", "data", "html"], "include_smiles": true }
Example image

API response:

{ "request_id": "2022_04_15_ac551dfa59b247d10e77g", "is_printed": true, "is_handwritten": false, "auto_rotate_confidence": 0.0007489666152160623, "auto_rotate_degrees": 0, "confidence": 1, "confidence_rate": 1, "text": "COCC1=C(C(=O)O)C(c2ccc(F)c(F)c2)N(C(=O)NCCC(=O)O)C(=O)N1", "html": "
\n", "data": [] }
Rendered result

Our partners choose Mathpix over AWS Textract, Google Vision API, and Azure Computer Vision for converting images to SMILES.

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