Chrome extension for PDF cloud

The Mathpix Snip Chrome extensions makes it possible to upload a PDF in your browser to your PDF collection in Snip instantly.

Chrome Extension for PDF cloud
Chrome Extension for PDF cloud

Create a searchable and exportable collection of PDFs

Mathpix Snip is the PDF and notes app for researchers, powered by next generation OCR, which can convert PDFs with math, tables, chemistry, figures, and diagrams to editable, searchable files.

You can also search through your repository by using text and math as search items.

  • Export to DOCX
  • Export to LaTeX
  • Convert to Markdown
  • PDF Search

Learn more about PDF ConversionLearn more about PDF Search

Special features for

Automatic naming

Automatic naming of PDFs

Snip recognizes PDF titles and uses them to name every file in your collection.

Metadata extraction

Metadata extraction

Instantly get important metadata without breaking a sweat.

Duplication detection

Duplication detection

Prevent adding the same PDF to your collection twice.

Perfect integration with the mobile Snip apps

Automatic syncing

Automatic document syncing

Your PDFs sync instantly across all of your devices so that you can add documents using the Chrome extension on the web and continue reading and editing on mobile or tablet.

Automatic document syncing

Read your PDFs on the go

Read your PDFs with our Preview mode

This includes an HTML view of the document so you can read PDFs comfortably on your phone without having to zoom into your document to compensate for small font sizes.

Read your PDFs with our Preview mode

Our Chrome Extension in action

Learn how to use our business oriented storage software to manage your research PDFs.

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