Mathpix Markdown

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We took standard Markdown and extended it with key LaTeX features and chemistry support.

Fully backward compatible with Markdown
Advanced LaTeX support for math and science rendering needs
Deep integration with Mathpix document conversion technology
Markdown Conversion graphic

The most interoperable markup language for STEM

Mathpix Markdown extends standard Markdown, for more power and control when converting your document to HTML, LaTeX, PDF, and DOCX.

Mathpix Markdown feature details
Mathpix Markdown feature details small

Document interoperability is built in

All document format conversion through Mathpix Markdown

Mathpix Markdown was built to make document conversion easy. Convert between PDF, DOCX, LaTeX, and Overleaf using Mathpix Markdown. You can convert documents on the web using the Snip web app ( or from the command line using MPX CLI.

All document format conversion through Mathpix Markdown

Integrates perfectly with our digitization tools

Our OCR was built hand-in-hand with our Mathpix Markdown rendering technology, so you can be sure that anything you digitize using Snip will be rendered perfectly in a Mathpix Markdown document.

Designed for students, professors, and engineers

Snip Web

We built Mathpix Markdown as a lightweight, low barrier to entry alternative to LaTeX. We designed it especially for those who need robust math and science rendering support, but don’t want to spend all of their time looking up LaTeX packages and commands.

Snip Web

Where to write Mathpix Markdown?

Snip Web

Our Mathpix Markdown editor. Create, search, and publish documents using OCR.

Use Snip to create Mathpix Markdown documents
Use Snip Web

VS Code

Install the Mathpix Markdown extension and start writing documents locally.

Rendering an example Mathpix Markdown document in VS Code
Use VS Code

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