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Get the benefit of perfect LaTeX PDF rendering, while working with Markdown. Get the best of both worlds.

The most interoperable document editor for STEM. Instantly converts entire documents with math, tables, and images to LaTeX.

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Markdown conversion optimized for scientific documents

Since Mathpix Markdown is a strict superset of Markdown, our conversion tooling for MMD is more powerful than what is possible with standard Markdown.

Document with an equation


Advanced support for math, physics, and statistics expressions via Mathjax, including equation references via the \eqref, \label, \ref commands

Document with a table


Full support for LaTeX style tabular environments in addition to Markdown style tables

Document with an image


Figures are preserved in the output documents as expected; for LaTeX outputs, which are returned as compressed zip files, they are put in a special images folder

Our Markdown to LaTeX conversion tools

Digitize and convert documents in-app or use our command line tool for local conversion.

  • Convert PDFs to Markdown, export to LaTeX

    Upload a PDF to our Snip web app to get it digitized to Mathpix Markdown. Make your edits using our lightweight markup language, and export to LaTeX.

  • Create Notes from scratch

    Using Markdown for creating your notes is faster and more efficient, than doing the same in LaTeX. Markdown is simple, straight-forward, and unobtrusive language. The best part is you can still export the result to LaTeX anytime.

  • Export as a ZIP and open in any LaTeX editor

    Our tools fit seamlessly into any workflow, so downloaded files are compatible with every LaTeX environment like TeXmaker.

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  • Export to Overleaf directly from the Snip app

    Perfect match with the most commonly used online LaTeX editor. Convert Markdown to Overleaf blazingly fast.

Mathpix Markdown (MMD)

We took standard Markdown and extended it with key LaTeX features and chemistry support.

Mathpix Markdown extends standard Markdown, for more power and control when converting your document to HTML, LaTeX, PDF, and DOCX.

Mathpix Markdown feature details
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MPX CLI for Markdown conversion


Convert Markdown files to other formats on your local machine.

npm install -g @mathpix/mpx-cli mpx login npm install -g @mathpix/mpx-cli export MATHPIX_OCR_API_KEY=... mpx set-api-key ... # This will save the key in a file at # ~/.mpx/config on Linux, macOS, or Unix # C:\Users\USERNAME\.mpx\config on Windows mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.tex
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Serve local MMD files as a static HTML site to check results.

$ mpx serve. /input-dir $ mpx serve. /input-dir/example.mmd $ mpx build. /input-dir. /output-dir
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