Image to MS Word

Mathpix has image to MS Word converter which supports converting printed and handwritten math, text, tables, and chemistry to a Word document.

Works on printed and handwritten images
Works on math, text, tables and chemistry

The best image recognition for math and science

Mathpix is the only image to Word converter with high-accuracy OCR features developed specifically for scientific documents like research papers


Printed EquationHandwritten Equation


Printed TextHandwritten Text


Printed TableHandwritten Table


Printed ChemistryHandwritten Chemistry

How to convert images to MS Word on mobile

1. Use Snip mobile app to take a photo of the image.

2. Crop the part of an image you want to digitize and scan it.

3. Sync to desktop and export as a .docx file.

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How to convert images to MS Word on desktop

1. Use Snip to take a screenshot of the image.

2. Click "Copy MS Word" to copy to your clipboard.

3. Paste directly into your MS Word document.

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Instantly digitize printed and handwritten notes with Snip and export to MS Word.

Equation to Word
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