Digitize and read PDFs on any device

Read PDFs on mobile

Digitize your research PDFs using OCR to create a knowledge repository that is readable on any device.

PDFs containing math, tables, and figures
Two-column PDFs
Handwritten PDFs
Optimized for scientific papers
Supported in desktop and mobile browsers
Read PDFs

A mobile-friendly PDF reader built for STEM

Snip is the only AI-powered PDF reader built for scientific content like research papers and lecture notes. Digitize your documents with text, math, chemistry, tables, and handwriting and be able to read them conveniently on any device (no more zooming in and out).

Read Two-column PDFs

Use math as a search term
Use math as a search term

Read PDFs with math and tables

Use text as a search term
Use text as a search term

How to digitize and read PDFs

1. Drag or upload your PDF into Snip.

2. Your PDF will be digitized.

3. Your PDF is now readable even on mobile.

4. You can edit your PDF by creating a Note or export to formats like DOCX or LaTeX.

  • Upload a PDF
  • PDF is being processed
  • Read your PDF on any device
  • Export PDF to other document formats

Digitize and read PDFs on any device

Mobile and tablet browser support of our web app means that you can upload, digitize, and read scientific PDFs on any of your devices.

PDF reader on all devices

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