Try examples of tables

Our Snip app allows you to extract tables from PDFs just by taking a screenshot. We convert the images into many useful tabular data formats:
  • TSV (for spreadsheets, like Google Sheets and MS Excel),
  • tabular LaTeX (for any editor that supports text-mode LaTeX, like the Snip Editor or Overleaf), and
  • HTML (for web pages or Markdown documents)
These tables below are examples of types of tables that you can extract from images with Snip. Try for yourself! If you have not yet downloaded the app, click here.
A table tracking plant growth and soil pH with three columns and eight rows
A tall table with three columns and 18 rows
A table with data about savings needed for retirement with two columns, Age at Death and Savings Needed, and six rows
A table describing each state in an experiment and the symbol used to represent it, with two columns and 10 rows
A table tracking hyperparameter data with two columns and seven rows
A screenshot directly from a spreadsheet of a table tracking sales target data, with four columns and nine rows
A small table tracking x and f(x) values, with six columns and two rows
A table distance data between satellites and planets, with three columns and 10 rows
A table with six columns and eight rows
A table with eight columns and four rows