Using Snip with Microsoft Word

Inserting equations into a Microsoft Word document is easy when you use Snip. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Display the equation want to insert into your document on your screen:
Display your desired equation
  1. Click the screenshot button or enter the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+m/ctrl+command+m:
Click the screenshot button
  1. Click and drag the crop box around your desired equation, release to Snip:
Snip your equation
  1. Check your Snip result, then click the Copy MathML button to copy the MathML format to your clipboard:
Click the Copy MathML button
  1. Open your Microsoft Word document and put your cursor at the location in the document where you would like to insert an equation, and paste!
Paste into Microsoft Word
Here is a short video showing all the steps together:
Using Snip to insert an equation into Microsoft Word
You can also watch a full video about inserting equations into Microsoft Word using Snip on our Youtube channel.