Snip Compatibility

Snip can fit into virtually any workflow, and we are continually improving the app’s compatibility with popular document editing software and common workflows.
Here are some app specific guides:

Supported input formats

Snip supports the following input formats:
  • Screenshot taken with Snip desktop app
  • Image captured with/uploaded to Snip mobile app
  • PNG, JPG (Snip Web Editor)
  • LaTeX text
  • Markdown text
  • Strokes (Snip mobile apps)

Supported output formats

Snip is capable of returning results in the following different formats:
  • LaTeX
  • text
  • MathML
  • Asciimath
  • HTML
  • TSV
  • SVG
  • PNG
  • TIFF (MacOS only)

Authoring tools compatible with Snip

Snip can be used with the following authoring tools (organized by output format they can be used with):

Compatible apps to use LaTeX with

  • All other LaTeX editors
  • All other Markdown editors (math-mode LaTeX only)

Compatible apps to use MathML with