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Mathpix has an image to AsciiMath converter which can extract AsciiMath code from a picture just by taking a screenshot.

Works on printed and handwritten images
Works on simple and complicated math

The best image recognition for math and science

Mathpix Snip is the only image to AsciiMath converter with high-accuracy OCR features for STEM

Simple Equations

Simple Math

Complex Equations

Complex Math

How to convert images to AsciiMath on desktop

An image showing image to AsciiMath conversion

1. Use Snip to take a screenshot of the image.

2. Check your Snip result and click on AsciiMath string to copy to clipboard.

3. Paste directly into your workspace.

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Use Snip's screenshot and copy to clipboard functionality to instantly digitize printed and handwritten math and science notes into AsciiMath.

Snip an equation on your screen and convert it to AsciiMath instantly.
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Mathpix OCR

Mathpix provides image recognition for the biggest Ed Tech companies in the world.

Our image processing APIs are easy to implement and works on all platforms.

API request

{ "src": "", "formats": ["text", "data", "html"], "data_options": { "include_asciimath": true, "include_latex": true } }
Example image

API response:

{ "request_id": "2022_04_23_a1f81f67398c98caea3fg", "is_printed": false, "is_handwritten": true, "auto_rotate_confidence": 0.000006675675649603363, "auto_rotate_degrees": 0, "confidence": 0.998046875, "confidence_rate": 0.998046875, "text": "\\( -\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0 \\)", "html": "
\n-ln(1-(1-p^(-1))^(mu))-(ln p*mu(1-p^(-1))^(mu-1)p^(-1))/(1-(1-p^(-1))^(mu)) >= 0-\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0
\n", "data": [ { "type": "asciimath", "value": "-ln(1-(1-p^(-1))^(mu))-(ln p*mu(1-p^(-1))^(mu-1)p^(-1))/(1-(1-p^(-1))^(mu)) >= 0" }, { "type": "latex", "value": "-\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0" } ] }
Rendered result

Our partners choose Mathpix over AWS Textract, Google Vision API, and Azure Computer Vision for converting images to AsciiMath.