Mathpix for Institutions

Mathpix institution-wide or group Pro subscriptions are available for universities, schools, departments, and companies. Streamlined registration using your institution’s email address makes it easy to get Snip to everyone who needs it.

Tools for educators and students

Mathpix Snipping Tool

Time-saving desktop app that allows you to copy a math equation from your screen to your clipboard with a single keyboard shortcut. Spend less time on tedious manual retyping and more time focusing on your work. (Mac, Windows, & Linux Desktop)

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Snip Apps

Invaluable resource for students looking to streamline the collaborative process. Digitize PDFs and handwritten documents, collaborate on shared projects, export files to LaTeX and DOCX, or publish to the web. (Web, iOS, iPad, Android)

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What do you get with an institutional license?

Pro Plan

Pro Plan for every user who signs up with your institutional email (you set the total number of users). Includes 5,000 Snips and 500 PDF pages per user per month.


Unlimited collaboration on scientific documents for educators and students. Access to our accessible publishing platform and document conversion features for all users.

Templates and resources

Access to templates, resources, and tutorials, including branded on-boarding and support calls with our team. Custom templates and training videos are available upon request.

Request Mathpix for your Institution

1. Fill out this request for service form. If you are not the person buying the license, please share this form with the appropriate person/group at your institution.

2. As soon as the request is completed by a representative from your institution, we will review the request and follow up with additional information about licenses.

3. If you have friends and colleagues who would also like to see Mathpix at their institution, please forward this request to them so they can do the same.

Used by top institutions around the world.

Austin Community College
UC Berkeley

Benefits for the whole school

Time saver

Time saver

Professors, teachers, and students save time when preparing STEM documents.



Make all documents accessible and screen reader friendly by default.



Sharing and collaboration while writing worksheets, homework, lecture notes, papers and more.

Resources and guides

Snip mobile and desktop app

Mathpix Snip Apps Docs

Digitize math and science with our AI-powered note taking apps. Available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web.

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Snip web editor

Mathpix Markdown Docs

Our flavor of Markdown that supports extended LaTeX features optimized for scientists and engineers.

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Snip on web, desktop, and mobile

Mathpix for Organizations

Learn how to bring Mathpix to your organization.

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