Convert images to Word, LaTeX, SMILES, and more

Mathpix Snip Editor converts images to editable formats like MS Word, HTML, Markdown, and LaTeX fast. Extracting the code from files has never been easier.

Works on images with math, text, tables, and chemistry
Works on simple and complex math and tables
Works on both printed and handwritten images
Advanced foreign language support
Edit in-app or export to your favorite tool

The best image recognition for math and science

Mathpix is the only image to LaTeX converter with high-accuracy OCR features developed specifically for scientific documents like research papers


Printed EquationHandwritten Equation


Printed TextHandwritten Text


Printed TableHandwritten Table


Printed ChemistryHandwritten Chemistry

Compatible with your favorite editors

No matter how or where you edit your documents, Mathpix fits seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Convert images in Snip Notes

    Use our simple online editor to create scientific documents. Any Snips you have taken with the mobile or desktop apps can be pasted into your document by selecting them from your Snips sidebar.

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  • Convert images to MS Word

    The best Image to Word (.docx) converter for math, chemistry, physics, and other STEM materials.

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  • Convert images to MS Excel

    Forget about manually re-typing tabular data! Convert images with tables to TSV just by taking a screenshot and paste it to Excel.

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  • Convert images to ChemDraw

    No need to draw a chemical structure by yourself! Easily convert images to ChemDraw with Mathpix Snip. Our image to structure conversion is perfect for using high quality images in your scientific publications.

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  • Convert images to Overleaf

    Extract LaTeX from images and paste it to your Overleaf document.

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  • Convert images to Typora

    Insert equations and tables into your beautiful documents. Learn more about using Snip with Typora.

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  • Convert images to Notion

    Equations can be inserted into Notion easily using LaTeX with Notion’s inline equation or LaTeX “blocks”. Learn more here.

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Choose the format that you need

Image to LaTeX

Handily convert images of math, text, and tables to LaTeX with Mathpix Snip.

Image to LaTeX.
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Image to DOCX

Mathpix has image to MS Word converter which supports converting printed and handwritten math, text, tables, and chemistry to a Word document.

Image to DOCX.
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Image to HTML

How to extract HTML code from images in a split second.

Image to HTML.
Learn more

Image to TSV

Convert both simple and complex tables to TSV format in just a second with our highly accurate OCR-powered app. Works on handwritten tables as well!

Table to TSV.
Learn more

Image to AsciiMath

Extract AsciiMath code from a picture just by taking a screenshot.

Image to AsciiMath.
Learn more

Image to SMILES

Easily convert printed and handwritten chemistry to canonical SMILES code.

Image to SMILES.
Learn more

Image to Markdown

Use Mathpix’s table generator tool for easy pasting Markdown tables into editors.

Image to Markdown.
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Digitize images in your language

Mathpix tools support the digitization of printed materials in all major languages and handwritten materials in English, Hindi, and all Latin alphabet languages.

Language support.
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How to convert images to Word, LaTeX, SMILES, and more

A diagram showing image conversion type outputs

1. Take a screenshot of your image.

2. Mathpix auto-converts it to LaTeX, MathML, AsciiMath, and other formats.

3. Choose the format you need, then copy-paste it to your workspace.

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Instantly digitize printed and handwritten math and science notes and paste it to Snip Notes.

Mathpix Snip features create an ideal space for working on notes and scientific articles.

Snip an equation on your screen and convert it to LaTeX instantly.
Snip an equation on your screen and convert it to LaTeX instantly.

Mathpix OCR

Mathpix provides image recognition for the biggest Ed Tech companies in the world.

Our image processing APIs are easy to implement and works on all platforms.

API request

{ "src": "", "formats": ["text", "data", "html"], "data_options": { "include_latex": true } }
Example image

API response:

{ "request_id": "2022_04_13_da07bb1d9a35d12f2a1cg", "is_printed": false, "is_handwritten": true, "auto_rotate_confidence": 0.00009237866400724215, "auto_rotate_degrees": 0, "confidence": 0.9878137038322166, "confidence_rate": 0.9878137038322166, "text": "\\( -\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0 \\)", "html": "
\n-\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0
\n", "data": [ { "type": "latex", "value": "-\\ln \\left(1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}\\right)-\\frac{\\ln p \\cdot \\mu\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu-1} p^{-1}}{1-\\left(1-p^{-1}\\right)^{\\mu}} \\geq 0" } ] }
Rendered result

Our partners choose Mathpix over AWS Textract, Google Vision API, and Azure Computer Vision for converting images to LaTeX.

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