Using Snip with Canvas LMS

Inserting math into Canvas LMS is easy with Snip and only requires a few simple steps. Here is an example of creating a calculus quiz question:
  1. Take a Snip (ctrl+cmd+m or ctrl+alt+m) of the math you wish to insert into your quiz question.
  2. Copy the raw LaTeX format (first row on the OCR tab without delimiters):
Snip the equation in your quiz question
  1. Click More on the Canvas editor menu:
Click more
  1. Click the equation button:
Click the insert equation button in Canvas
  1. Paste the raw LaTeX into the text box, check the rendering, and click Done:
Insert the equation
  1. Finish your question with any additional math or text using the same steps:
Finish question
  1. Next, take a Snip of the equation you want to include for your quiz answer:
Snip answer
  1. Follow the same steps as above to insert the LaTeX into the answer field:
Create correct answer
  1. Save the correct answer, now you have a finished quiz question!
Snip answer
Note that when using Snip with Canvas LMS, you will want to insert text and equations separately. Text can be entered directly into the text box, and equations should always be entered using the steps shown above.
Here is a video showing all the steps: