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Quickly and accurately convert PDFs and images to searchable, exportable, and machine readable text.

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Powering scientific communication through AI

Our tools make teaching, writing, publishing, and collaborating on scientific research easy.


Snip web and mobile apps

Markdown and AI powered collaborative editing environment for researchers with easy exporting to LaTeX, MS Word, Markdown, HTML, and PDF.

Snip web and mobile apps

Snipping tool

Snipping tool

Snipping Tool is a desktop app that allows you to OCR content from your screen and copy math and chemistry to your clipboard from a single keyboard shortcut.

Compatible with LaTeX, Markdown, MS Word, and more.

Available on:

MacOSWindows Linux
Snipping tool


Integrate OCR into your app

The most accurate OCR technology with deep STEM functionality, including math, chemistry, handwriting, tables, foreign languages, and full PDF document conversion.

Example API request
Example API request


Mathpix Organizations

Get Mathpix for your team to work on projects together. Spend less time typing and more time solving business challenges.

Mathpix for Organizations
Mathpix for Organizations mobile

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What's new?

Search AI answering a question about Mathpix Snip


Search AI: Google-like search experience for your docs

We are excited to announce a new AI-powered search experience for all your documents in Snip!

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Chemistry to SMILES conversion


New chemistry algorithm: recognizing stereochemistry, Markush structures, and more

Learn about Mathpix's latest update to the algorithm, which now recognizes complex chemical structures that were previously challenging.

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Large table converted to CSV and pasted into a spreadsheet


Improved Table Support: Introducing our new algorithm for converting large tables

We now support a new advanced algorithm for parsing large tables. We also made Asciimath fixes and improved formatting and PDF processing.

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