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... and other image conversion tasks, one keyboard shortcut away.

Select your area of interest from your screen to copy the contents to your clipboard. Compatible with LaTeX, MS Word, Markdown, Excel, Google Sheets, and more.

Snipping tool

Creating math is now easier than ever
  • Open Snipping tool and click "Create a new Snip".

    Create a new Snip
  • To take a screenshot, choose the part you want to convert and crop it.

    Take a screenshot
  • Snipping tool instantly converts the image. Result is automatically copied to your clipboard.

    Get the result
  • Paste the result into your document.

    Paste the result into your workflow

Work with your screenshots

Snip Editor

Make changes to your conversion results anytime.

Snip Editor

Snip Search

Use math and chemistry search terms to easily find any Snip in your collection.

Snip Search

Advanced language support

Perfect OCR technology that works for 30+ languages, including Latin, Asian, Semitic, and Cyrillic characters.

Language Support

Digital ink support

The snipping tool supports digital ink drawings and can automatically convert digital equations to LaTeX, MathML, AsciiMath, and more.

Digital ink

Feature highlights

This video highlights the key features of Mathpix snipping tool:



The tool allows you to take high-resolution screenshots of equations and symbols from printed/handwritten documents and digital images, with exceptional accuracy and speed.

Copy Paste

Copy and Paste

Equations, diagrams, tables, and text can be copied and pasted into any program or application like Overleaf, Excel, ChemDraw, and more.


Cloud Storage

Mathpix apps store captured images directly in the cloud. This makes it easier to access and share Snips with other users.

  • Use Cases:

Math to LaTeX

AI-powered image to LaTeX converter that allows to quickly and easily transform images of equations into high-quality, typeset LaTeX code. The platform uses cutting-edge deep learning technology to quickly recognize the content of the image and generate the corresponding LaTeX code, facilitating the efficient and accurate typesetting of equations.

Use Case

Work seamlessly across apps

Snipping tool syncs automatically with the Snip apps for mobile and web. All the screen-grabbed images converted with a desktop app are added to your Snips collection on all devices and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Snip syncing
Snip syncing


  • Image of Albert Einstein
    “If I had known about Mathpix earlier, perhaps I would have had enough time to work out the Grand Unified Theory.”

    Albert Einstein

  • Image of Isaac Newton
    “When I lost my .tex file to the Principia, I was devastated. Mathpix helped me effortlessly use equations from the Principia in my new work. I now have more time to stand beneath trees and get hit by apples.”

    Isaac Newton

  • Image of Alan Turing
    “Mathpix's AI definitely passes this Turing test!”

    Alan Turing

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