Convert tables to LaTeX, MD, TSV, and more

Our table OCR tool allows you to extract tabular data from PDFs just by taking a screenshot. Forget about manually retyping tabular data and significantly boost your productivity!

Works on simple and complex tables
Works on printed and handwritten tables
Edit tables in-app or export to your favorite tool

How to convert tables to LaTeX, TSV, Markdown and more

An image showing table conversion

1. Use Snip to take a screenshot of the table.

2. Check your Snip result and click on the needed format to copy to the clipboard.

3. Paste the table directly into your document.

Get Started

Convert tables to the format you need

Snip allows you to extract tables from PDFs in seconds. Convert your images into many useful formats:

  • Convert tables to LaTeX

    Extract tables from PDF by taking a screenshot and Snip will convert it to LaTeX code. Just copy and paste to your favorite LaTeX editor.

  • Convert tables to TSV

    Snip returns a TSV format whenever a Snip contains a table. Copy TSV format to your clipboard and then paste it directly into a spreadsheet.

  • Convert tables to CSV

    Using Snip you can convert tables in PDFs into a CSV file in less than 30 seconds. Just paste your table to any spreadsheet software and download as a CSV file!

  • Convert tables to Markdown

    Our image-to-table conversion is compatible with your favorite Markdown editors. It’s super convenient for using with Snip, Typora, and Notion.

  • Convert tables to Excel

    Copy the result in TSV format and paste directly to Excel. You are done!

  • Convert tables to Google Sheets

    Take a screenshot and copy the TSV result. Paste directly into Microsoft Excel!

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