Convert PDF to Markdown

PDF to Markdown

Mathpix Snip converts scientific PDFs to editable Markdown files in minutes. Perfectly compatible with Snip Apps and Visual Studio Code.

PDF to Markdown

PDF conversion optimized for scientific documents

Mathpix is the only PDF converter with high-accuracy OCR features developed specifically for scientific documents like research papers

PDF with an equation


Even PhD-level math, physics, and statistics.

PDF with a table


High-accuracy for tables containing math symbols and full equations.

PDF with two columns

Two-column PDFs

Converts the two-column formatting required by many major journals.

How to convert PDF to Markdown

1. Drag or upload your PDF into the Mathpix Snip web editor.

2. Enter the range of pages to convert. To upload full PDF, you can leave this option blank.

3. Mathpix auto-converts it to a new document editable in the app.

4. Click "Export" -> "Markdown" in the top right corner of the page.

  • Upload a PDF
  • Select page ranges
  • PDF is being processed
  • Export your file in the needed format

The best markup language for creating and sharing technical documents

Mathpix Markdown is a STEM-enhanced markdown, which combines math and science specific LaTeX support with standard Markdown syntax, and special extensions like SMILES for chemical diagram rendering.

Mathpix Markdown feature details
Mathpix Markdown feature details small

The best Markdown extension for VS Code

Visual Studio Code supports an .mmd extension so you can conveniently edit files on your local machine.

VS Code feature details

Our PDF to Markdown conversion tools

Digitize PDFs, edit, and export with Snip

Use Snip to digitize all your PDFs and read them on any device. You can also create editable Markdown documents and export them to useful formats like LaTeX, DOCX, and HTML.

PDF features in Snip
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Manage your PDF repository in your private cloud

Use all of the PDF processing features of Snip but with a self-hosted, fully contained solution.

OCR PDFs on your private cloud.
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Convert PDFs from the command line

Our MPX CLI command line tool converts PDF files on your local machine without needing to upload them online. You can also convert between file formats like LaTeX to Word using Markdown.

npm install -g @mathpix/mpx-cli mpx login npm install -g @mathpix/mpx-cli export MATHPIX_OCR_API_KEY=... mpx set-api-key ... # This will save the key in a file at # ~/.mpx/config on Linux, macOS, or Unix # C:\Users\USERNAME\.mpx\config on Windows mpx convert input-file.pdf output-file.mmd mpx convert input-file.pdf output-file.docx mpx convert input-file.pdf output-file.tex mpx convert input-file.pdf output-file.html mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.docx mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.tex mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.html mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.pdf mpx convert input-file.mmd output-file.pdf --pdf-method html
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Bulk PDF conversion using our API

Use the easy-to-implement Mathpix OCR API to convert PDFs to alternative formats like Markdown, LaTeX, and DOCX. Our PDF API (v3/pdf) enables document conversion at scale.

curl -X POST -H 'app_id: APP_ID' -H 'app_key: APP_KEY' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{ "url": "" }' curl --location --request POST '' --header 'app_id: APP_ID' --header 'app_key: APP_KEY' --form 'file=@"cs229-notes5.pdf"' --form 'options_json="{\"math_inline_delimiters\": [\"$\", \"$\"]}"'
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