Digital ink API

A digital ink API with live drawing to support handwriting recognition for equations in your app.

It's the only digital ink API with advanced math support and smart actions like scribble to erase.

Getting started with the live drawing demo

A gif showing image to LaTeX conversion

1. Sign up for an account and activate an API key.

2. Put your app_id and app_key into .env file.

3. Run the commands and open localhost:3000 to start live drawing.

Try the demo

Digital ink API features

  • Live updates

    Our digital ink API endpoint allows you to display live rendering updates to your end user as they draw. The immediate feedback provides a great user experience that allows users to check their work as they go. Note that live updates are an optional feature and the v3/strokes endpoint can be called without.

  • Scribble to erase

    Our live drawing supports common user actions like scribbling something out to erase it. Provide an elevated user experience with easy mistake correcting.

  • Strikethrough to erase

    Strikethrough is another common user action your end-user can use to make quick and easy changes to what they have drawn and correct mistakes if necessary.

Test in the apps

Our mobile / tablet / desktop apps support live digital ink drawings with smart features and can automatically convert digital equations to LaTeX, MathML, AsciiMath, and more.

Digital ink support in mobile / tablet / desktop apps

Digital ink + image OCR = a complete solution

Where some providers only offer digital ink or image processing, Mathpix provides the only complete analog to digital API solution with our dual offering of digital ink stroke recognition with lives updates and image or PDF optical character recognition APIs.

An example of simple handwritten math

Digital ink

An example of advanced handwritten math