Shortcuts on MacOS Snip

Global shortcuts (use them at any time)

CTRL + ⌘ + M: Take a screenshot*
CTRL + ⌘ + O: Open the app window*
CTRL + ⌘ + L: Open Snip editor (LaTeX mode)*
CTRL + ⌘ + N: Open Snip editor (Markdown mode)*
⌘ + Q: Quit Snip
*This shortcut is configurable in Preferences > General

When viewing a Snip result:

Up arrow key and Down arrow key: Change selected format
SHIFT + Up arrow key and SHIFT + Down arrow key: Change tabs
Left arrow key: View previous Snip
Right arrow key: View next Snip
SHIFT + Left arrow key: View oldest Snip
SHIFT + Right arrow key: View most recent Snip
ENTER: Edit selected format row
DELETE: Delete current Snip

When editing or writing a Snip:

ENTER: Create a new line
SHIFT + ENTER or CTRL + ENTER: Save changes