Secure Conversion Service

Accurately convert large PDF and image libraries into machine readable text files in hours, not months.

Diagram showing how SCS work
Diagram showing how SCS work

The secure data conversion platform trusted by the world's leading AI companies.

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How does Mathpix work?

We process millions of pages of unstructured PDFs and images per hour so you get the accurate data needed to train and tune your model fast.


Consult with our engineers to define your unique data conversion needs. Provide document counts and desired output formats (e.g. Markdown, LaTeX, DOCX, etc.), and we handle the rest.


Grant access to your source documents via a secure shared storage bucket, ensuring a safe and efficient data transfer process.


Utilize top-tier OCR technology and vast computational resources to convert images and PDFs into readable text files, available for download from the shared storage.

Over five billion PDF pages converted

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Resources & Guides

Search AI answering a question about Mathpix Snip


Search AI: Google-like search experience for your docs

Learn more about our AI-powered search experience for all your documents in Snip!

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Graphic showing PDF to Markdown conversion


Price reduction for PDF API, plain Markdown outputs from PDFs for your LLMs. and more

We offer plain Markdown outputs in our API, providing better compatibility with modern LLMs, and have made improvements to PDF processing speed.

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Mathpix Developer APIs

APIs for extracting math, text, and handwriting from images, and document conversion APIs powered by our state-of-the-art OCR.

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