What is Mathpix OCR?

Mathpix OCR is a web API for extracting text from images, digitizing PDFs, and supporting digital ink in your application. It works especially well for content containing scientific notation like math, chemistry, and physics. You can find example images with API responses here.

API reference

The Mathpix OCR developer docs are currently available at docs.mathpix.com.

How do I get an API key?

To get an API key, first sign up for a Mathpix account. Once you have verified your email and logged in, you will need to create an OCR API Organization. Click on the OCR API Organizations tab:
Click on OCR API Organizations tab
Next, choose Create OCR API at the top right of your screen:
Create OCR API
You will be required to add a credit or debit card in order to activate an API key. You will also be charged a one-time, non-refundable setup fee to enable your API keys.
Once you have created your OCR API organization, added your billing information, and paid your setup fee, you will see an API key on your dashboard that is ready to use. If you need additional API keys, you can create them by clicking Create Key:
Create a new key

How can I contact support?

Just send us an email at support@mathpix.com.