What is MathpixOCR?

MathpixOCR is an API for extracting text from images. It works especially well with images containing scientific notation (math, chemistry, physics, …).

Use cases

We empower apps like Doubtnut to create intelligent camera applications. The app queries MathpixOCR to obtain text from user submitted images. This text is then used to search databases of curated content, allow users to find educational content they are looking for by simply taking a picture of a homework problem.


MathpixOCR powers our very own Mathpix Snip app, used by top students all over the world to save time creating Latex documents. Mathpix Snip converts user’s screenshots to Latex code, which can then be pasted into any Latex compatible text editor.


Gradescope uses MathpixOCR to group together identical student answers for handwritten exams, saving teachers and professors countless hours grading assignments.


Mathway uses MathpixOCR to provide step by step solutions for students stuck on homework problems.
Snip on Desktop is especially convenient for extracting information from PDF’s and pasting the resulting text into an editor. With a single keyboard shortcut, you can crop an equation or piece of text, and have the text / Latex copied to your clipboard.
Desktop apps for each platform can be downloaded from mathpix.com.

How do I get an API key?

You may sign up for an API key on our dashboard website. A credit card is required to create an account.
API docs can be found here.

How can I contact support?

Just send us an email at support@mathpix.com.