Search AI: Google-like search experience for your docs

We are excited to announce a new AI-powered search experience for all your documents in Snip!
Use the top most tab in the Mathpix Snip web app (coming soon on mobile) to search all your documents:
Search AI
Click on a search result to navigate to the matching location in the source document, where the region of interest will be highlighted for your convenience:
Navigate from search result to the document
Click anywhere in the document to clear the search highlight.
Use the search history to quickly refer back to your previous searches and resources without re-entering the same query.
Search history
We use OpenAI and Anthropic for our generative answering capabilities, which appear in the “Intelligence” column on the right side of the search results. Third party APIs retain data for 30 days for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes. To disable the “Intelligence” question-answering capability, click on the settings bar on the bottom left:
Manage Search settings
Disabling AI powered results will prevent search result data from being shared with 3rd party APIs. The search feature will still work as before, and only the “Intelligence” section will be disabled:
Disabled Intelligence section
Our new search AI feature includes basic capabilities to find math symbols in PDFs:
Search by using math terms
Note that math search is still a work in progress! Much more coming soon here.
Any feedback or ideas on how we can improve our search experience? Please let us know! You can leave feedback inside the app, or you can simply email

Other updates

  • fixed password reset bug
  • speed improvements for snipping images and PDFs
  • fixed DOCX exporting bugs

Coming soon

  • better math search
  • chemistry search
  • PDF conversion formatting bug fixes
  • UI feature to limit search to a single document or folder