Intelligent search for your files

Search AI is a global document understanding platform that enables Q&A for internal documents. Our smart search provides intelligent responses to your queries and shows matching documents snippets from PDFs, Notes, and other data sources.

Reliable document understanding AI solution

Mathpix Snip is the premier solution for document storage and exploration, which offers intelligent search capabilities and advanced natural language understanding.

Developed specifically for scientific content.

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Advanced NLP

Search AI employs advanced natural language processing techniques to analyze and comprehend the documents content.

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Math Search

Combined power of smart search and Mathpix OCR data extraction makes it possible to find math symbols and equations in PDFs.

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Quick Assessment

We provide metadata in search results (title, author, section, subsection, and file type), which helps to quickly assess the relevance of a document.

Search AI features

Learn how to use smart search to delve deep into your documents.

Ask questions about your documents

Search AI answering a question about a graph transformer

Try a new way to interact with your files — a conversational search experience that combines the intelligence of GPT with the accuracy of our search algorithms.

Enter a search query into Mathpix Snip and get an intelligent, context-aware AI-generated response. We also provide you with a list of source documents related to the search query, so you can navigate through your document library and explore relevant materials.

Search AI answering a question about a graph transformer

Search for math

Enter an equation to the search box to find a source document

Input any equations, math symbols, and formulas to the search bar using LaTeX. The system delivers matched search results.

Works great for conducting math research, studying complex equations, or seeking specific math content. Click on any search result to navigate to the matching location in the source document, where the region of interest will be highlighted for your convenience.

Enter an equation to the search box to find a source document

Keep track of your queries

Search history

No need to start from scratch when you need to revisit a previously searched document. Simply browse through your search history to find what you're looking for.

Search history

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    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Mathpix's Search AI has its own reason for existence.”

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Obtain definitions and more with ease.

Search AI defines a hypothesis


Discover connections, patterns, and relationships within your files.

Search AI compares light-matter coupling and random orientation


A powerful tool for tackling complex math problems.

Search AI explains meaning of the math term


Capture the core concepts of even large PDFs and Notes.

Search AI gives a summary of Finite Necessary

Resources and guides

Search AI: Google-like search experience for your docs

Step-by-step guide for using Search AI to search PDFs, use the "Intelligence" section, find equations, navigate from search results to the documents, and more.

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Snip: collaborative editor with PDF conversion features

Find out what else you can do in Snip to use the app with maximum efficiency.

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Third party services and privacy

Learn more about third parties that we use for our generative answering capabilities and how to disable AI-powered results if you don't want to share your data with other services.

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