Improved performance on Windows Snip

Significant stability improvements

We have made significant upgrades to the stability and performance of our Windows Snip app, including fixing memory problems and stability bugs. The app now works a lot more reliably on all Windows versions, on dual monitor setups, and for users who have accounts with more than 10,000 Snips.
Please note that the new Windows app are currently being deployed automatically and so there is no need to download anything new.
In additional to general bug fixes, better stability, and performance improvements, we have also added new features that significantly improve compatibility with your workflow.

Custom block mode delimiters

You can now set custom block mode delimiters under Settings > Formatting, which is very convenient if you are using a document editor that supports non-standard LaTeX delimiters.
Custom block mode delimiters

Idiomatic equation arrays option

The new app includes an “Idiomatic Eqn Arrays” setting, enabled by default, which returns the better looking \begin{aligned} … \end{aligned} syntax instead of the \begin{array}{l} ... \end{array} syntax.
Idiomatic equation arrays

New formats

We have also added support for new formats, including DOCX for Snips containing mixed math and text, and SMILES for chemical diagrams.
Export docx