OCR-powered TSV Table Generator

Extract Tables/Tabular Data from PDFs and Images

Mathpix has a TSV Table Generator that allows you to extract tables from PDFs just by taking a screenshot!
When taking Snips of tables, the app will return a TSV format. TSV stands for Tab Separated Values, and when copied to your clipboard, it can be pasted directly into Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software like Google Sheets.

How to generate TSV tables:

  1. Click the screenshot button or enter the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+M/CTRL+⌘+M.
  2. Click and drag the crop box around your desired table, release to Snip.
  3. Check your Snip result, then click the Copy TSV button and paste the result to your spreadsheet (we used Google Sheets in this example).
  4. Download as a TSV or CSV file. You are done!
Mathpix is the most powerful OCR-powered file conversion software available, especially for STEM content like tables, math notes, problem sets, research articles, and more. In addition to the TSV table generator, Mathpix also has a Markdown table generator and can convert tables in PDFs to LaTeX code!
Want to see how it works in action? Here you can find examples of tables that you can extract from images with Snip. Try our table generator on these examples using the instructions above!

How to get started with Mathpix Snip?

Download the app on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.
Launch the app, sign in, and follow the instructions above to generate TSV tables in just a few seconds!