Convert tables in PDFs to CSV files in less than 30 seconds

How? PDF --> TSV --> CSV

We’ve shared a lot about how easy it is to use Snip to convert tables in PDFs into TSV format, but we know that many users require a CSV format for whatever project they are working on.
So we wanted to create a short tutorial showing how it’s just as easy it is to convert tables in PDFs into .csv files–you can do it in under 30 seconds! It’s a huge productivity boost.
Here’s a short video showing you how:


  1. Display the table that you want to convert on your computer screen.
  2. Click the screenshot button on the app or enter the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+m/ctrl+command+m
  3. Click and drag the crop box around the desired table.
  4. Check your Snip result, then click the Copy TSV button.
  5. Open up any spreadsheet software (we used Google Sheets in this example).
  6. Paste the TSV that’s been copied to your clipboard into your spreadsheet.
  7. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You’re done!