OCR-powered LaTeX Table Generator

We provide a LaTeX Table Generator tool that allows you to convert tables from PDFs and images to LaTeX just by taking a screenshot.
Mathpix image-to-table conversion is super convenient for using with our simple online editor which is powered by Mathpix Markdown. Using Snip, you can easily create and edit STEM documents and export them to DOCX, PDF, HTML, or LaTeX.

How to generate LaTeX tables:

  1. Use Snip to take a screenshot of the table.
  2. Check your Snip result and click on the generated LaTeX code to copy to clipboard.
  3. Paste the table into your document (we used Snip web app in this example, but you can paste into any LaTeX editor).
Snip is also compatible with Overleaf, the most commonly used online LaTeX editor. Inserting a table into Overleaf requires the same steps as above.
Mathpix is the most powerful OCR-powered file conversion software available, especially for STEM content like tables, math notes, problem sets, research articles, and more. In addition to the LaTeX table generator, Mathpix also has a Markdown table generator and can convert tables in PDFs to CSV files!
Want to see how it works in action? Here you can find examples of tables that you can extract from images with Snip. Try our table generator on these examples using the instructions above!
Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Click here to download on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.