Chemical diagram OCR and search

We have added basic support for chemical diagram OCR to save chemistry users from having to re-create chemicals they find in textbooks and PDFs from scratch, which can be very time consuming.
Snip will return SMILES representation for chemicals, which is analogous to LaTeX for mathematics, and enjoys wide support across chemistry productivity software. The SMILES string can be copied to your clipboard and then pasted into ChemDraw, Scifinder, or any other chemistry software in your workflow.
For more information about using Snip with ChemDraw for chemical diagrams, check out this docs article.
You can also search PubChem using the extracted SMILES information under the Search tab, and find information for a compound, such as InChi, Iupac names, and synonyms.
Chemical diagram OCR features not yet supported: handwritten diagrams, reaction diagrams, stereochemistry (we ignore stereochemistry).