Image to ChemDraw converter

Still wondering if there is a way to convert an image of a chemical diagram to a ChemDraw file instantly so that you don’t have to draw a structure by yourself? With our free online Image to ChemDraw converter, this can be done easily! Most importantly, Mathpix Snip works on both printed and hand-drawn chemical diagrams. Just imagine how much time you can save when working on scientific papers by converting images to СhemDraw in just a few clicks.

How to convert images to ChemDraw on desktop

  1. Take a screenshot of an image using Mathpix Snip.
  2. Check your Snip result and click on the SMILES string to copy to the clipboard.
  3. Paste directly to ChemDraw.

How to convert images to ChemDraw on mobile

  1. Take a photo of your notes with Mathpix Snip mobile app.
  2. The result automatically appears in the Mathpix Snipping Tool on your computer.
  3. Copy SMILES format and paste to a Chemdraw file.

The best OCR-powered converter for math and science

Mathpix is the most powerful image conversion software available, especially for STEM content like math notes, problem sets, research articles, and more. In addition to chemical structures conversion, Mathpix works perfectly when converting images and PDFs to LaTeX, HTML, DOCX, and more.