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Example equation

Example equation
Example equation

11. $z_{1}$ and $z_{2}$ are unimodular complex numbers that satisfy $z_{1}^{2}+z_{2}^{2}=4$ then the value of $\frac{\left(z_{1}+\bar{z}_{1}\right)^{2}+\left(z_{2}+\bar{z}_{2}\right)^{2}}{2}$ is (a) 10 (b) 11 (c) 12 (d) 13
Example equation
Example equation

\left(\begin{array}{l} c t^{\prime} \\ x^{\prime} \\ y^{\prime} \\ z^{\prime} \end{array}\right)=\left(\begin{array}{cccc} \gamma & -\gamma \beta & 0 & 0 \\ -\gamma \beta & \gamma & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 1 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & 0 & 1 \end{array}\right)\left(\begin{array}{l} c t \\ x \\ y \\ z \end{array}\right)
Example equation

Battle-tested with deep functionality, including math equations, chemical diagrams, tables, and full PDF document conversion.

Compatible with industry standards like PDFs, LaTeX, Asciimath, MathML, Markdown, HTML, and SMILES (for chemistry).


The most-trusted, fastest-innovating, limit-pushing OCR provider for STEM


Industry leader

Due to our exceptional accuracy and constant innovation, we are the most trusted brand for OCR among leaders in online math education, like Mathway, Symbolab, Chegg, Doubtnut, Gradescope, and more.


Battle-tested reliability

We process over 10 million images every day. Our system is battle tested and reliable with 99.9%+ uptime.


Low latency

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for image recognition while maintaining extremely low latencies.


An easy-to-implement HTTP API for image recognition

Example request:

{ "src": "https://mathpix.com/examples/limit.jpg", "formats": ["text", "data", "html"], "data_options": { "include_asciimath": true, "include_latex": true } }
Example equation

Example response & rendering:

{ "confidence": 1, "confidence_rate": 1, "is_printed": false, "is_handwritten": true, "text": "\\( \\lim _{x \\rightarrow 3}\\left(\\frac{x^{2}+9}{x-3}\\right) \\)", "html": "
\nlim_(x rarr3)((x^(2)+9)/(x-3))\\lim _{x \\rightarrow 3}\\left(\\frac{x^{2}+9}{x-3}\\right)
\n", "data": [ { "type": "asciimath", "value": "lim_(x rarr3)((x^(2)+9)/(x-3))" }, { "type": "latex", "value": "\\lim _{x \\rightarrow 3}\\left(\\frac{x^{2}+9}{x-3}\\right)" } ] }
Rendered equation

Digitize entire PDFs

PDF's are first converted into Mathpix Markdown, from which they can be exported to DOCX / MS Word, LaTeX, and PDF. Text, diagrams, equations, and tables, are extracted from the PDF.

Original PDF

Example equation
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Extracted Mathpix Markdown

Example equation
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Rendered result

Example equation

Supported image types

Use Mathpix OCR to very accurately convert images of simple and complicated printed and handwritten math, text, tables, and chemical diagrams.

We can also recognize all the world's most spoken languages like English, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, and more.

Printed math

Example equation

Handwritten math

Example equation

Word problems

Example equation

Chemical equation

Example equation

Multiple choice questions

Example equation


Example image

Printed Foreign Alphabet text

Example imageExample imageExample image

Chemical Diagram

Example image

Printed English

Example image

You can find more example requests and types of images that you can process with Mathpix OCR in the User Guide.

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Use cases for Mathpix OCR

  • Solving and Search Apps

    With a long tail of advanced math, handwriting, and foreign language features, Mathpix OCR is the #1 choice for solving, tutoring, and search apps like Mathway, Microsoft Bing, Doubtnut, and Toppr. These apps help students of all levels around the world learn math, find tutors, and get the help that they need.

  • Grading and Assessment Platforms

    Whether they provide immediate answers or grade questions in bulk, grading and assessment platforms like Gradescope and Bakpax use Mathpix OCR in their platforms to make it faster and easier for math and science teachers to distribute and grade homework and exams with AI.

  • Publishing, Bulk Digitization, Accessibility and LMS

    Publishing companies use Mathpix OCR to create digital STEM educational material like online math textbooks. Accessible education companies like Benetech use Mathpix to make math and science educational materials accessible to all students.

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*Note: each item in a batch request counts as one request

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