Using Snip with Canvas LMS

Why using Mathpix Snip with Canvas LMS?

Canvas LMS provides a collaborative environment where educators can create and deliver course materials, including assignments and assessments. Mathpix Snip integrates with Canvas, allowing you to insert complex math equations directly into assignments, quizzes, and more without having to type any math. Snip’s image conversion features significantly reduce the time and effort usually required to create and share STEM content on Canvas.

Handwritten math made easy

Many teachers prefer to write math equations by hand during lectures or while providing personalized feedback on student submissions. Snip can digitize your handwriting and make it possible to take a photo of your notebook to transform it into LaTeX code. That’s why even handwritten content can be quickly converted and accurately displayed in Canvas.

How to insert math from PDFs into Canvas:

  1. Use our desktop tool to take a screenshot of the math you wish to insert into your quiz question. Make sure to copy the raw LaTeX format (first row on the OCR tab):
Snip the equation in your quiz question
  1. On the Canvas editor menu click More, then click the equation button and paste the raw LaTeX into the text box. Click Done:
Insert the LaTeX equation into Canvas
  1. Follow the same steps as above to finish your question and insert math into the answer field:
Before and after
Check out this video showing all the steps together:

How to insert handwritten equations into Canvas:

  1. Take a photo of your equation using the Snip app for mobile or tablet:
Convert image to LaTeX on mobile
  1. Now the image is converted to LaTeX, added to your Snip library and synced to all your devices:
Autosync between mobile and desktop
  1. Copy LaTeX from the desktop or web app and insert it into the Canvas math editor:
Paste equation to Canvas
Here is a short video showing all the process:
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