Mathpix now supports basic table OCR

Mathpix now supports basic table recognition

We are very excited to announce that we have just released basic table recognition in our apps and API!
You can now generate tabular data instantly from a screenshot that can easily be pasted into any LaTeX editor like Overleaf, or the Snip Editor (our Mathpix Markdown editor that supports the tabular LaTeX environment).

Digitize screenshots of tables with Snip

Check out this video to see some examples of what we can digitize:
Download Snip and try for yourself!

Digitize images of tables with the API

If you want to digitize tables using the MathpixOCR API, be sure to use the v3/text endpoint.

Coming soon…

  • Improved accuracy on more complicated tables
  • Recognition for tables containing \multirow and \multicolumn
  • Alternative formats for tables, like HTML and TSV
  • Speed improvements