New accessibility features for creating and consuming scientific content with Snip

In addition to the accessibility features we already support in our apps, like digitizing equations for accessible Word documents and your LMS, we have made new improvements to our Snip web app for creating and consuming accessible STEM content.
When creating or consuming accessible content, be sure to enable the “math to speech” option in your Settings:
Screen reader on buttons example

Creating accessible STEM content

Digitize whole PDFs, even handwritten ones

You can now digitize entire PDFs to convert them into accessible document formats. You can process printed PDFs, like textbook chapters, and handwritten PDFs, like lecture notes.
Need to share an accessible document with a student? Convert the PDF to a Note, make the Note public, then share the public link!

Extract individual equation code from PDFs and Notes

We have added an option to copy the equation source code from any equation displayed in a PDF or a Note in the app. You can choose LaTeX, MathML, or Asciimath format based on your needs.
Copy equations from Notes

Consuming accessible STEM content

Every Note and PDF in Snip is screen reader friendly

We have made improvements to our screen reader compatibility so that every Note or PDF in Snip can be read aloud by a screen reader. This will also work for HTML files exported from the app.
Here is a short example of how you can create a math assignment in Snip, and then read it with a screen reader:
Here is an example of using a screen reader on a processed PDF:

Snip web app is screen reader friendly

We have also made improvements to the functionality of the app itself by adding alt text to buttons, so that low-vision users can navigate the app using their screen reader.
Screen reader on buttons example

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