Reduced pricing for extra usage, full-page Snip view, new Home page, and more

Major price reduction for extra usage for Mathpix Pro customers

Extra Snip and PDF usage is now more affordable than ever!
Current pricing:
  • $0.002 per Snip;
  • $0.01 per PDF page.
Previous pricing:
  • $0.01 per Snip;
  • $0.05 per PDF page.

Major improvements to the Snips tab

We’ve made a series of updates to the Snips tab. Here’s what’s new:
  • Full-page Snip mode: More possibilities in editing your Snips, and a wider array of export options.
  • Bulk selection: Simplify organization and deletion through the selection of multiple Snips at once.
  • List view: Alongside our classic gallery view, you now have the option to view your Snips in a list format. This alternative view is ideal for quick navigation and a more compact display.
  • Renaming: It is now possible to rename your Snips.
Snips tab

Home page

Our new Home Page combines the most frequently performed actions, which makes navigation fast and easy! Here you can see recent files, upload and create different kinds of documents, and search through all your document repository with ease.
Home page

PDF section numbering

We added an entire new array of options for organizing and numbering your PDFs upon upload, including:
  1. Auto numbering: This option removes the existing numbers in your document and numbers the sections automatically for you.
  2. Remove numbering: Select this option to remove all section numbers from your PDF.
  3. Preserve numbering: To ensure that the original layout and numbering of your PDF remain unchanged.

Extended support for LaTeX commands

Mathpix Snip can now recognize 12 new, previously unsupported LaTeX commands!
You can find image examples of all newly added commands at Mathpix OCR documentation.

Other improvements and bugfixes

  • More accurate Chinese text recognition than ever before
  • A more seamless experience scrolling and navigating through files
  • Improved auto-correction in our Search tab
  • Bugfixes for PDF to DOCX conversion
We work daily at Mathpix to improve the product for our valued customers, and we are always open to feedbacks to better serve you. Drop us a line any time with questions, comments, and suggestions at!