The best OCR for Chinese and math

Mathpix’s OCR technology can read 28 languages, including Asian, Latin, and Cyrillic alphabet languages, which makes it an indispensable OCR software. It can easily convert images containing one of the most spoken languages in existence — Chinese. Furthermore, now you can digitize scientific Chinese PDFs containing math in just a few seconds in order to edit, search, or translate your document.

How to convert images with Chinese

  1. Take a sreenshot of your image using keyboard shortcuts: ctrl + cmd + M for Mac or ctrl + alt + M for Windows & Linux.
  2. Your image is instantly digitized and the text is copied to your clipboard.
  3. Edit the result in-app or paste it into your document!

How to convert Chinese PDF

  1. Go to Snip.
  2. Drag your PDF into the sidebar or directly into the document.
  3. Get your Markdown result, which can be edited and exported to DOCX, LaTeX, HTML, and Overleaf.
Your PDF document can contain text, math, tables, images, and more. It even works on two-column PDFs!
In addition to converting Chinese documents, Mathpix can convert printed and handwritten English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, and a lot more. Learn about our supported languages here.

How to get started with Mathpix Snip

Download the Snip desktop and mobile apps here to start converting images in a split second.
Use our web app to digitize PDFs. It is also perfect for creating and publishing beautiful scientific documents because of its robust math and science rendering support.

Use Mathpix OCR for bulk image or PDF conversion

Mathpix OCR is an API for bulk image or PDF conversion that can be added to any application using a simple HTTP request. It’s great for companies that need to process a large number of PDFs or images with Chinese and math.