Search the web with a math equation in Snip's new Search tab

We have added a new Search tab to all of our apps that allows you to search with a math equation and find related content on the internet (either with the exact same equation or a related equation). You can go from picture to web search results in seconds!
This feature is especially convenient for research, diving deeper into a topic you are studying, or finding resources when you are stuck on a particularly tricky problem.
Search currently supports the following websites:
  • Wikipedia
  • Math Stack Exchange
  • MathOverflow
  • Wolfram MathWorld
  • Google Socratic
  • PlanetMath
  • NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Here is an example of the Search feature in action on mobile:
More websites coming soon…
  • Arxiv
  • PhysicsForums
  • nLab
…and more!