Create interactive assignments with Snip Web


We have recently added a new feature to Snip called hints which are collapsible sections within a document. It’s a simple but powerful feature for teachers to create interactive assignments for their students who are learning remotely.
Here is an example of what hints might look like in an Algebra assignment (Click the arrow button to see the hints!):

  1. Solve for x x xx:
3 x 3 = 0 3 x 3 = 0 3x-3=03x - 3 = 0
 Hint 1
Add 3 3 33 to both sides.
Now, 3 x = 3 3 x = 3 3x=33x=3.
 Hint 2
Divide both sides by 3 3 33.
Now, 3 x 3 = 3 3 3 x 3 = 3 3 (3x)/(3)=(3)/(3)\frac{3x}{3}=\frac{3}{3}.
 Hint 3
Simplify 3 x 3 = 3 3 3 x 3 = 3 3 (3x)/(3)=(3)/(3)\frac{3x}{3}=\frac{3}{3}.

1. Solve for $x$:

$$3x - 3 = 0$$

+++Hint 1
Add $3$ to both sides.
Now, $3x=3$.

+++Hint 2
Divide both sides by $3$.
Now, $\frac{3x}{3}=\frac{3}{3}$.

+++Hint 3
Simplify $\frac{3x}{3}=\frac{3}{3}$.
Hints are a great way to help students at whatever stage of the problem they get stuck on, and ensures that the student learns the concept rather than just looking up the answer with a caluclator app.
Now that many students are learning remotely, math teachers can use Snip web app to create interactive assignments with hints to ensure that each student gets the step-by-step, hands on teaching that they need to excel.
What’s great about hints is that they are very flexible depending on the needs of your students. For young students who benefit more from learning the concepts than just getting the answer, you don’t even have to put the answer in the assignment, only the steps. For for older students who have already learned the concepts, you can include a hint with the answer to allow them to check their work.

Create an interactive assignment

To create and share interactive assignments, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Snip Web and create a new file
  2. Create your assignment using hints and other Mathpix Markdown syntax
  3. Click the Share button at top right of Snip to create a shareable link
  4. Share the link with your students
If you want to start from our interactive assignment template, just insert the template from the menu at the top right: