How to convert image to SMILES

The best OCR for chemical diagrams

Mathpix has a chemical structure recognition tool which can convert images of chemical diagrams to SMILES just by taking a screenshot or photo. SMILES stands for Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System, and it allows you to represent a chemical structure in a way that can be rendered in a document. Using Snip you can easily extract chemical diagrams from a PDF or digitize your handwritten notes, and get them in SMILES format in just a few seconds!

How to convert image to SMILES on desktop

Step 1. Use shortcuts to take a Snip.

Press ctrl + alt + M for Windows & Linux or ctrl + command + M for Mac.

Step 2. Crop the image you want to convert and get an instant result!

Step 3. Paste the result into your editor

Now the SMILES string is copied to your clipboard. You can paste it into ChemDraw or another editor with SMILES support like Snip web app.

Create digital chemisty on any device with Snip

You can use Snip on mobile, desktop, and the web to create beautiful, web-friendly technical documents containing math and chemistry. Our OCR features allow you to convert images of chemical diagrams to SMILES code in seconds, and our document editor powered by Mathpix Markdown allows you to easily create scientific documents and export them to formats like DOCX and LaTeX.

How to get started with Mathpix Snip?

Download the app on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS, or try the web app.
Launch the app, sign in, and follow the instructions above to convert chemistry to SMILES in just a few seconds!