How to use a screen reader on a PDF with math

Math is no longer trapped in PDFs, inaccessible to low vision or blind students. Mathpix is able to convert PDFs to accessible files fastusing state-of-the-art OCR technology. Our app fully preserves the document’s structure like headings, lists, images, and makes all math readable by assistive technology.
Use a screen reader on PDFs with math by following these simple steps:

1. Upload PDF to Snip or simply drag it to the sidebar.

This will add the PDF to your collection and automatically convert it to an accessible format. Since the file stays in your collection, you can always convert it to other formats like Word or HTML later on.
Upload PDF

2. Enable the “Add speech to math” Setting.

This feature makes our software indispensable for STEM needs. When you turn it on, all the inaccessible equations are converted to accessible math and can be read aloud.
Speech to math

3. Turn on your screen reader and open Preview mode to read the full PDF.

Click on any part of the document to hear the content spoken aloud, including heading information, text, math, and images. You can also navigate with your keyboard.
Read your document
Here is a short video showing all the steps together:

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