How to make a PDF document accessible

Convert PDFs to accessible files

Our OCR-powered PDF conversion technology is one of the most useful and easy-to-use accessibility tools available.
All you have to do to convert a PDF to an accessible file is to upload it to Snip. The PDF will be automatically added to your repository and digitized. Here is an example of a textbook chapter processed in our web app:

Edit your result

In order to edit anything in your file, create a new Note and make any changes in the Markdown section. If you need help editing Markdown, read our documentation.
Make edits in Markdown section

Enable speech to math and turn on the screen reader

Be sure to enable the speech to math setting so your screen reader can read the math portions of the document properly. When you enable this feature, any screen reader will be able to read the mathematical content.
Speech to math
When your document is ready, open the Preview mode for your Note and see how it works with a screen reader by clicking on any part of the file like text, math, or image. Markdown structure provides consistent formatting throughout the document, so the screen reading software can announce heading information to the reader to help them better understand the content.
Here is a video showing all the steps together:

Get started

Learn more about our accessibility features or sign up for Snip right now. More information about plans and pricing can be found here.