Folders, export tables to CSV, free admin seat, and more

Files tab and folders

The Files tab is a new addition to Mathpix Snip’s interface, which allows users to organize their Notes and PDFs into Folders.
Tabs in Snip web
To create a folder, open the Files tab and click the Create new folder icon.
Create a new folder
Then type the name of your folder and click Create.
Finish creating a folder

Selection mode and bulk actions

You can now select multiple Notes and PDFs at once, making it easier to delete or move files to a specific folder.
You can activate selection mode by either clicking the selection mode button on the top of the Files tab or by hovering over any file.
Activating selection mode
Select files that you want to add into your new folder and click the Move icon:
Select where to move files
You will see the list of all your folders. Select where you want to move chosen files and click Move here.
Move files to a folder

Export tables to CSV

Our latest Snipping Tool update released a new export to CSV option for tables. To use the new feature, simply select the table you want to export, click the Export CSV button, and save the file to your computer.
Export CSV in the Snipping Tool
You can also export tables directly from the PDF viewer in the Snip web app:
Export CSV in the web app
CSV files can be opened in any spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including data analysis and storage.
How to open a CSV file

Export your PDFs to plain Markdown

We use Mathpix Markdown extensively because it is an expressive and feature-rich markup language for handling STEM documents that resolves many of the limitations of plain Markdown. However, plain Markdown is widely supported by productivity apps and even LLMs like ChatGPT, so we have decided to support it!
Export PDFs to plain Markdown

Using Snip with ChatGPT

We recommend using $..$ and $$..$$ as LaTeX delimiters for best results with ChatGPT!
ChatGPT explaining a LaTeX formula

Free admin seat for organizations

A free admin seat lets you bring on team members responsible for billing and managing users without having to pay for additional Snip users in your organization who don’t need access to the app.
Invite a free admin

Create Snip from text

With this feature, you can easily convert text to a Snip in just a few clicks, similar to what’s available in our desktop app.
How to create Snips from text
By simply copying and pasting LaTeX code into the Mathpix Snip app, users can easily convert the code into MathML and other useful formats.
Use Snips to convert text into other formats

Other improvements

  • Improved Korean language recognition
  • Faster PDF processing
  • Improved Markdown style table outputs