Draw math equations: In-app drawing supported on Mathpix apps

Digitize drawings of equations, text, and tables instantly with the new Snip mobile and tablet apps

Recently we added a new drawing mode to the mobile apps that allows you to easily digitize drawings made with a stylus or your finger.
You can draw equations on your Android mobile device or iPhone, but Draw mode works especially well on Android tablets that have stylus support.
All mobile apps conveniently sync with your desktop app or web app via your Mathpix account, so anything you draw can quickly be appended to a document!
See the video below for a couple quick examples of drawing equations and text on an Android tablet and syncing the resulting LaTeX instantly with desktop:
Don’t have the app yet? Get it on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store today!

Devices we recommend for drawing

These are some mobiles/tablets with stylus support that we use Snip with (and recommend):
iPad Mini (w/ Apple Pencil Support) - $399.00 + $99.00 (Pencil)
Note: improved iPad/iPad Pro support coming soon!

Drawing support in the API

If you are interested in adding drawing/digital ink capabilities to your own app, we have also just released a stroke-based API endpoint, like MyScript but at a lower cost. Similar to our image endpoints, the stroke endpoint works best on math equations, english text, and tables.
More information about the new v3/strokes endpoint can be found on our API docs.