Convert, search, and read PDFs on any device with Snip

Convert PDFs using OCR

Digitize PDFs and convert them to editable Notes, or other useful file formats like LaTeX, DOCX, Markdown, and HTML. It works on two-column PDFs, PDFs with math, tables, chemistry, figures, and diagrams, and even handwritten PDFs.
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Search all your PDFs, even handwritten ones

Use Snip to create a searchable repository of all of your research PDFs. Our OCR was optimized for STEM PDFs, so you can even use math (LaTeX string) as a search term, search within tabular data, and search handwritten PDFs like lecture notes!
Search PDFs with a LaTeX string as a search term
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Read PDFs conveniently on any device, with PDF<>HTML scroll syncing

Scientific paper PDFs, especially two-column ones, are notoriously difficult to read on phones, where zooming in and out is required to make the fonts readable. With our new PDF view, you can read any scientific PDF in a reader mode that is optimized for your screen size.
Read two-column PDFs comfortable on mobile in HTML
This PDF reader mode syncs your reading position automatically with the original PDF, so you can switch between the original PDF and the rendered HTML easily. This is the most comfortable and advanced PDF reader for researchers ever developed.
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All Snip export formats now supported in the web app

You can now copy all export formats to the clipboard from the web app, not just LaTeX. If you navigate to the Snips tab on the left of the screen, you will see a list of all of your Snips. If you click on the individual Snip, you will see an expanded view with all of the copy to clipboard options:
At the top of your Snips list, you can search using a text or LaTeX string for the Snip you are looking for:
Snip Search
If you want to insert directly into your Note, click this insert button while hovering over your Snip:
Insert Snip to your Note

Support for web app in mobile browser

Our Snip web app is now usable on mobile devices:
Mobile web app support

Notes and PDF Reader now support exportable equations

We have recently added an accessibility option to Notes that allows a reader to copy the source code of any equation in the Note, simply by right-clicking the equation. You can copy LaTeX, MathML, and Asciimath.
Copy equations from Notes
This feature is also available in PDF reader mode so you can copy individual equation code from PDFs that you have added to your collection.

Other updates

  • PDF OCR bug fixes and support for handwritten PDFs
  • Latency improvements for image recognition services
  • Robustness upgrades for document conversion features