We make math faster and easier.

Mathpix leverages the world's most powerful math OCR technology to faciliate interacting with digital mathematics.

Use Cases

1 Learning apps

We work with learning apps such as Socratic and Cymath to make learning math easier and faster.

2 Grading

We worth with grading platforms such as Gradescope to make grading a breeze.

3 Typesetting

University students and LMS platforms use our API to make Latex easier and faster.

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Mathpix API

We love providing our image recognition API to other apps. Request an API key directly from support@mathpix.com. Let us know how we can help your business!

API Features

1 Accurate

Mathpix uses cutting edge AI technology to deliver the world's most accurate API for recognizing math formulas from images.

2 Proven

Battle tested in real world environments, we have added value in a variety of scenarios.

3 Simple

Built for easy integration, our API requires nothing more than an HTTP client.

Building a math application?

Request a free API key from support@mathpix.com

Pay as you go

$0.005 per request


Contact us at support@mathpix.com